Inner East Girls Cricket Rules and Regulations - 2021/212


Please ensure you comply with the most recent DHHS + CRICKET VICTORIA COVID Safe Plan for return to cricket. 

Inner East Girls Cricket is an “all girls” cricket competition that is run on behalf of the Eastern Cricket Association and Box Hill Reporter District Cricket Association in the Eastern Region of Metropolitan Melbourne. We are the prominent “all girls” competition in Victoria. 

The participation pathway is clear and structured with Stage1, 2 + 3 grades, we make sure the transition is smooth by utilizing the Cricket Australia Formats as a base for participation and enjoyment. 

Emphasis of our competition is on participation, learning the game, developing skills and, most importantly, having fun, whilst also providing a pathway for representative cricketers. We want to make sure that girls love cricket and will keep returning to play, be they social cricketers or competitive representative cricketers. 


Season dates for Wednesday + Sunday leagues:

  • R1 – R5…Wed 17 Nov to 15 Dec 
  • R6 – R10… Wed 2 Feb to 2 Mar 
  • R11+12… Stage 1 only – 9 Mar + 16 Mar 
  • Semi Final… Stage 2 + 3 only- 9 Mar 
  • GF… Stage 2 + 3 only – 16 Mar 


  • Team shown first on the fixture list is the nominated Home team and will be responsible for setting up the grounds and providing equipment for the matches.

Fees and Girls Memberships:

  • Affiliation fees to be $100 per team for 2021/22, to help offset the costs of the neutral grounds.

Scoring this season:

  • Home team is responsible for the Online scoring via. MyCricket.
  • Away team MUST score a hard copy.
  • Download your teams onto mycricket prior to commencement of the game.
  • Download the game onto your tablet prior to scoring.

Match Points:

Girl’s competition points shall be recorded as follows:

Win                                                      6 points
Abandon, tie or drawn match         3 points
Bye, Walkover or forfeit                   6 points
Loss                                                      0 points

First Aid:

  • Each home team shall provide an efficient first aid kit and ice.


  • All players in any side shall wear the same coloured uniform. 
  • Head gear shall be club coloured cap or hat. 
  • Black Shorts, black leggings or cricket pants are allowed for all stages.

Playing Times:

  • Team managers should endeavour to have the match concluded by 7pm.
  • If play has not commenced by 5.30pm then play shall be abandoned for the day.
  • We will not have official umpires, teams must supply their own umpire.
  • All games are 20/20 Matches.

Weather Policy:

  • Keep an eye out on our INNER EAST GIRLS CRICKET FACEBOOK page for cancelations. 
  • Unless it is already raining heavily across Melbourne, or has already reached 36°C, we will not cancel games. We will expect everyone to turn up at their designated ground and the Team Managers will decide if play is possible, or not.
  • The team managers will be responsible for decisions about the fitness or future fitness of the pitch and/or ground. In such cases, play will not commence, continue or resume unless the team managers agree. When the team managers cannot agree whether to play, wait or not to play one hour after the scheduled time for play to have commenced, there shall be no play. 
  • Before the commencement of play on any day the team managers shall see that any necessary steps are taken to improve the ground or pitch, with a view to expediting play, and shall not draw stumps (that is, abandon play for the day) until the hour fixed by these rules for the conclusion of the day’s play, unless satisfied there is no possibility for play.
  • The ground is considered unfit for play when it is so wet or slippery as to deprive the bowlers of a reasonable foothold, the fielders of the power of free movement, or the batters of the ability to play their strokes or to run between the wickets. (Play should not be delayed or suspended merely because the grass and the ball are wet.)
  • After the commencement of play each day the team managers shall be in sole control of the match and retain overall responsibility and authority for decisions made relating to cancelling a game.
  • Play shall continue until the time fixed for ceasing play, unless in the opinion of the team managers the conditions are not good enough to continue. In the event of an active thunderstorm or electrical storm in the immediate vicinity of the ground, play is to cease immediately and all players and umpires are to find safe shelter without delay. Play should resume not less than 30 mins after the last lightning strike. Provisions of this rule are non-discretionary and may not be ignored or varied by agreement or unilateral decision by team managers or umpires.
  • If an official umpire has been appointed to a match (finals), decisions about whether conditions are fit for play to commence, resume or continue are the responsibility of the official umpire. The official umpire (if appointed) may consult with the team managers in reaching his decisions.

Heat Policy:

  • The heat policy is applied for player safety and the rules are non-discretionary. These rules are not to be ignored or varied by agreement or unilateral decision by team managers or umpires. Where heat is an issue, temperatures are to be monitored by team managers. Umpires are to be advised immediately when the critical temperatures shown below are reached and play is to stop.
  • Temperatures are to be obtained from Weather Bureau telephone 1196 or web address  The executive committee, at its discretion, may declare play abandoned for the day, where forecasts predict adverse weather conditions, and this will be published on Inner East Girls Website
  • No scheduled match will commence if the temperature has reached 36 degrees Celsius by 2pm.
  • If play has started and temp reaches 36 degrees during play, play may be delayed for a maximum of 30 mins. If play does not commence or resume, play is to be abandoned for the evening.

Code of Conduct:

  • iEGC endorses the ECA code of behaviour. Each club needs to provide a code of conduct to both players and parents. We have strong standards to maintain, any complaints at games will be heard by our Dispute Committee, that will be two members of our Committee.

Coach accreditation:

  • Each team needs to have a certified Level 1 coaching accreditation. Courses run by Cricket Victoria will be available before the season starts and are free.

Working with Children’s Checks:

  • All clubs are responsible for keeping a register of “Working with Children” Checks. Anyone involved with a team, even if a parent, must have a current “working with children” card.

Preamble Format Rules

Below are the rules of cricket for Stages 1, 2 & 3.

Stage 1 + 2 Encourage participation + some rules reflect the iEGC philosophy of having fun.

Stage 3 Encourages game play with transition to Senior Womens Community Cricket.

Some of these rules can also be found at the start of the scorebook.


The Committee recommends Team Managers + Coaches meet before the game and agree, particularly in Stages 2 + 3 how many balls are to be faced by each player.

This can depend on how many players each team has.

This is to be communicated to scorers to avoid confusion and each team is being as fair as possible.

Umpires are in control of the game, Team Managers and Adult carers should not be on the ground while game is in play. Scorers and Team Managers can call for the game to stop from the boundary if they need to discuss something to the umpires during play.

iEGC Committee want to remind all Adult’s present at the game they have an important role in supporting junior cricket.

  1. This is not the World Cup
  2. These are children
  3. The umpires are human
  4. Parents and carers should not shout from the sidelines as this causes confusion.
  5. Please encourage all participants including opposition, this increases enjoyment of the game for all.
  6. These formats are designed for ‘Participation over Premierships’.
  7. No parent or carer is to enter the field of play under any circumstances unless directed by the umpires.

iEGC will be monitoring the behaviour of all parents and carers at match day and will not tolerate any abusive, intimidating of negative comments directed to any individual player, umpire, team manager, coach, opposition persons.

Mycricket results will be monitored to ensure all girls get an equal amount of bowling + batting rotation.

To Download IEGC Rules and Regulations​ – Click Here!